Linen needlwork sampler

A charming George III linen needlework sampler encased in a gold frame.  It’s been decorated with the alphabet, flowers and a reglious verse or psalm.  It’s very difficult to decipher all the words but from what I can understand, I believe it reads something like ” Search try O God my toughts and heart.  If mischeif lurks I’ll (something) part correct me.  Where I go astray and guide me in thy perfect way.  To God the Soul and Spirit Glory Be as it was and is (something) small so to all eternity.  Frances  1783 (or could be 1788)

The brown paper backing has a lable that reads – Lent by Miss Eccles Moneygold, Co, Sligo.

Such a special decorative piece and lovely that it has survived so many years.

Measures:37.5cm x 24.4cm

We aim to give a good representation of the condition of our furniture in both our images and description. Vintage items have all had a previous life and in most cases the condition will show signs of age  with wear and tear including scuffs and scratches. All our items are treated for woodworm as they arrive in our warehouse. Please ask if you would like more images or further information.


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