Spanish Brasero table

The Brasero was used to heat hands and feet. Coals would be placed in the bowl under the table.   A large table cloth was draped over the whole table to the floor.  A had never heard of a Spanish bracero table until I came across this one, so it was an exciting find for me.

Now, it’s just an unusual piece that will become a talking point in a home as well as decorative table !

Measures:D80cm x H75cm

We aim to give a good representation of the condition of our furniture in both our images and description. Vintage items have all had a previous life and in most cases the condition will show signs of age with wear and tear including scuffs and scratches. All our items are treated for woodworm as they arrive in our warehouse.  Please ask if you would like more images or further information.


This item is sold and not for sale.